bunless burger #132

grass-fed beef (bastrop cattle company) served over roasted spaghetti squash, cherry tomatoes, green onions, sautéed dandelion greens and roasted beets (johnson’s backyard garden), avocado, monterey jack and morel onion cheese, soft-boiled egg, gochugaru sprinkles

Earlier this week one of my Instagram friends asked if she could draw an illustration of one of my photos.  She draws all kinds of cool illustrations (which are mostly of food, which is right up my alley) so of course I said yes!  It was posted yesterday morning and I am so excited about it I decided to share the recipe as soon as possible. For me, art is one of the coolest ways to connect with another human being and it makes me feel special to see that someone felt inspired by something I created.  The plate, fork, and knife are all the property of my friend Erin, who was nice enough to let me play around in her kitchen and utilize her flatware collection to come up with this picture, so really it was a team effort.  

It really is the little things, y’all.  

You can find the artist if you search @woonjungkoh on Instagram!  

bunless burger w/ roasted vegetables and greens
Bun-less burgers are super easy to make at home - I always use a good cast iron pan and just some simple salt and pepper for my patty. The sides and garnishes are really what make it special!

free of: grains (gluten), dairy, eggs, soy, nuts, seeds, sugar, yeast
paleo-friendly - gluten-free & celiac friendly - low carb {lchf}


serves 2 people or one with leftovers {possibly for repeat next night? ;) }

takes about 45 minutes start to finish, but only about 20 minutes of that is active cooking, the rest is setting timers and waiting. Takes about 25 minutes if you have leftover veggies and a hot oven.
  1. ( per person )
  2. 1/2 pound { grass-fed } ground beef
  3. 1 whole beet, unpeeled and halved
  4. 1 small spaghetti squash (about 1.5 lbs), halved lengthwise & seeded (one half per person)
  5. a big handful of dandelion greens with stems (or a stem or two of kale)
  6. 2 stems of green onions, chopped
  7. a small handful of cherry tomatoes, halved
  8. 1/2 avocado, sliced
  9. 1/2 teaspoon fine grain sea salt ( per half-pound burger patty)
  10. olive or avocado oil, or bacon fat
  11. kosher salt for roasted veggies

  12. optional garnishes

  13. melted cheese
  14. soft-boiled egg
  1. Thirty minutes before cooking patties: Preheat the oven to 400 F then start working on forming the patties. You want the meat to come to room temperature (you'll get a better sear and a juicier burger). To do that, combine the ground beef with the salt (1/2 teaspoon fine salt per 1/2 pound of ground beef seems to suit me). Mix it together on a small plate (for one patty) or a big plate (for two). If cooking for two, divide the beef into two half-pound portions. Roll the seasoned meat portion(s) into a ball and then flatten into a patty (you want it to be more thick than it is flat).
  2. Leave the plate on your countertop (I leave mine uncovered in fall or winter, but use a small (or large) pot lid for coverage in the spring and summer when the bugs are a bit worse, preferring to avoid wraps or foils for environmental reasons). Leave the meat out for at least 30 minutes but up to an hour (I usually leave mine out for an hour or so, the less cold it is the better your burger sear will be).
  3. When that is complete, clean up the meat mess and move to the vegetables. Coat the fleshy side of the spaghetti squash and the beets in a light layer of oil or fat (olive, avocado, bacon fat, about a tablespoon) and sprinkle with a bit a pinch or two of kosher or sea salt. The oven should be preheated or close by now. Lay out the veggies (skin sides up, flesh side down) on a half sheet pan and place in the hot 400 degree oven. Roasting time in a gas stove is about 30 minutes, give between 30-45 minutes in an electric stove dependent upon age and quality. You can also roast the veggies in advance (or use leftovers from previous meals!). Simply steam or reheat in the oven in a covered dish (while the burgers are cooking) at 375 F.
  4. Cook the patties: Once the veg are underway (give them a 20-25 minute head start), heat a medium-large cast iron pan over medium heat (4-5). After a minute or two, add 1/2 tablespoon of oil or butter. When the butter begins to foam or the oil becomes a bit thin, coat the bottom of the pan and then flip the plate containing the patty over the the pan (or use your fingers / a spatula for two patties). Tip: I like to do this with the dishwasher open so I can give it a quick rinse and toss it in!
  5. When the patties hit the pan you want to hear them sear a bit. Crack freshly ground pepper across the tops of the patties and set a timer for 7 minutes (gas) or 8 minutes (electric) for a medium to medium rare finish on your fairly thick half-pound burger (9 minutes for more medium-medium well). At the timer, flip the patties. After that, set the timer for an additional 6.5 minutes (gas) or 7 minutes (electric). (Depending on your stove top, you may need to experiment with your heat and find your favorite time sequence that gets you to your desired result - I've made burgers on several different cook tops and it differs so slightly each time - learn to know how your oven - stove works for you.)
  6. The greens! Whenever I eat kale or dandelion greens or chard (greens with the stem), I prefer them to be cooked just a bit so the ribs are softened. If I have stock cooking, I simply add my greens to it for a few minutes while the rest of my food is cooking (this seems to happen frequently for me) and then plate it immediately (a little stock dressing never hurts). If not, simply tossing some of the greens into your pan near the end of the patty's cook time can easily soften them and save you pots and strainers for steaming or blanching just for the purpose of the dinner. Alternate option is to serve with raw spinach and arugula, which will wilt nicely with the heat of the patty.
  7. Serve!Scoop out the warm spaghetti squash onto your bowl or plate. Mix with green onions and tomatoes. Top with the cooked (or un-cooked!) greens. Try to do this right before patty is finished to create a bed for it (them). Slice any remaining garnishes. When the timer is up, transfer the patty atop the bed of greens. Garnish the burger with any and all of the garnishes you choose. Allow the burger a 2-3 minute rest before eating. I usually start my soft-boiled egg to finish just as soon as my patty is done (they take about 10 minutes from start to finish, check the post link below the recipe to learn more about soft-boiled eggs). That way I can work on cooling it slightly and un-peeling it so it's fresh and runny when the burger is ready to eat.
  8. Chow down and enjoy!
  1. remember to never press down on the burger, no matter how much you feel like you should and if you are cooking for one, throw an extra beet on the pan (or the whole bunch) and then use the beets in a marinated beet salad or reuse the spaghetti squash. Links to possible recipes soon to be found below.
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